Top Stocks To Buy Today According To Rob Koehn’s Ivy Lane Capital


Ivy Lane Capital’s Managing Member and Chief Investment Officer is Robert Koehn. He began his career as an Associate in First Union Capital Markets’ investment banking department. He was the general partner of two private equity firms before starting Ivy Lane. Rob Koehn’s investment strategy focuses on maximizing and improving long-term investment returns. The largest sector, technology, accounted for 66.3 percent of the portfolio as a whole. With approximately $4.8 million in shares, Ivy Lane began to grow its stake in EchoStar Corporation.

Insider Monkey analyzes the list of top stocks to buy according to Rob Koehn’s Ivy Lane Capital.  Visa Inc. ranks eighth on the list of the best stocks to purchase. Visa Inc. reported $1.49 EPS in the second quarter, exceeding the average by $0.14. In the second quarter, EchoStar Corporation reported a GAAP EPS of $0.41. In addition, income increased by 8.8% year over year. The stock has returned 23.2 percent to stockholders since the beginning of the year. The Charles Schwab Corporation is a financial services firm based in the United States that provides commercial banking and wealth management services. In the second quarter, Ivy Lane Capital grew its holdings in eBay Inc. by 19%. The hedge fund owns 191,000 shares worth $13.4 million in the firm. eBay reported $0.99 earnings per share and $2.7 billion in revenue in the second quarter of 2021. For more details, click Top Stocks To Buy Today According To Rob Koehn’s Ivy Lane Capital.