Top Tech And Automation Stocks In Cathie Wood’s Portfolio


For more than a decade, Cathie Wood has served as Ark Investment Management’s CEO and Chief Investment Officer. As an assistant economist in 1977, the 66-year-old hedge fund investor got her start in the field. Over the course of her time there, she was responsible for the management of $5 billion in assets. Bloomberg named Cathie Wood the best stock picker for 2020. She focuses on stocks that have the potential to disrupt the market through technological innovation. Cathie Wood’s third-quarter portfolio includes Robinhood Markets, Inc., Coincoin, and Tesla, among other notable companies.

Insider Monkey compiled the list of Top 10 tech and automation stocks in Cathie Wood’s portfolio. PTC Inc. is a software company based in the US. Commercial and industrial customers can take advantage of the company’s expertise in automation and digital transformation. PTC Inc. has been valued at $1.82 billion by 37 hedge funds. Autodesk, Inc. makes up 0.04 percent of Ark Investment’s Q3 portfolio, valued at $17.34 million. There are 38 hedge funds that have invested $1.703 billion in Teledyne Technologies, Inc. For industrial customers in the United States and Canada as well as the United Kingdom and Europe, the company provides digital imaging instruments and aerospace electronics. Cathie Wood’s 13F portfolio includes a 0.14 percent stake in Teradyne, Inc. In order to better serve the semiconductor and wireless industries, the company designs and builds automated testing equipment. With a total investment of $1.37 billion, 42 hedge funds are invested in the company. Three-dimensional printing company 3D Systems has a large stake in Ark Investment Management. They offer 3D printing hardware and digital manufacturing solutions to companies around the world. The third quarter’s revenue totaled $156 million, which was $11.64 million more than the market expected. For more details, click Top 10 Tech And Automation Stocks In Cathie Wood’s Portfolio.