Top Utility Companies In The World


Electricity is becoming an important part of our routine lives, right from charging mobile phones to powering big companies and houses. All utility companies are playing a key role in power supply from the source to houses through the grid system. The costs associated with the development of such infrastructure is really high. Due to the high-level costs associated with this, the majority of the emerging economies are confronting power shortage issues as they are unable to invest enough amount for infrastructure improvement. However, massive infrastructure has been set up by these utility companies in the developed countries. Similar to other industries, this utility industry is also impacted by the outbreak of pandemic but thankfully the impact is not as severe as it is on other sectors as these companies are exempted from the lockdowns. 

This is of no surprise that the biggest utility companies are from developed nations. This is not possible to understate the significance of having a stable infrastructure for utility output. This is highly crucial for economic development and specifically when the matter is related to emerging economies. Indeed, disruptions can be experienced by developed economies in case of electricity supply breakdown. With the advancement in technology, our dependence on electricity has increased as well. Here, we are addressing some of the top utility companies in the world as chosen by Insider Monkey. 

This list of largest utility companies is led by State Grid, which is regarded as the largest firm in terms of revenues which are $383,906 million. This company was started in 2002 in Beijing. There are more than 900,000 employees hired by the company and besides revenues, State Grid is also the largest organization in terms of the number of workers. The 2nd largest utility company on the list is EDF. The company is based in France and is the biggest electricity producer. There are 58 nuclear reactors of EDF. There are 161,522 employees working in EDF and the total revenues of EDF are $80278 million. The 3rd largest utility company on the list is Enel. The company was started in 1962 in Italy as a public body which was privatized in the year 1999. There are more than 68,253 employees of the company with total revenues of more than $89,907 million. Want to learn more about these utility companies? Then check out the information at 15 Largest Utility Companies In The World.

Top Utility Companies In The World