Travelzoo Inc (TZOO) CEO : We Have an Edge Over Competitors


In a program on CNBC, Jason Yap, CEO of Travelzoo Inc (NASDAQ:TZOO) Asia Pacific talked about his company strategy about travel business and how Travelzoo Inc (NASDAQ:TZOO) is using target marketing skills to enhance its canvas of reach around the globe. He said that the economic slowdown is not effecting the growth of his company because when the pressure builds, people want to travel a little bit more. Yap said that awareness among the young generation is expanding about the importance of travelling and leisure time and his company is crafting efficient strategies to get the most out of this trend, in terms of serving the customers in the best possible way and generating revenues.


“I think we provide high value for money, for one, number two, we try to provide as much unique experiences as possible, so whatever we can source from the rest of the world, from US, from Europe and rest of the APAC markets are directly sourced from 25 cities in the world, major travel cities in the world,” said Yap.


According to Yap, Travelzoo Inc (NASDAQ:TZOO) has an edge over its competitors because Travelzoo doesn’t rely on intermediaries to serve its customers. He thinks that other companies use intermediaries for their services and because of this, the cost at the user end gets bulged up.

Yap said that his company focuses to deliver unique experiences to the travelers. Apart from arranging trips to famous travel locations, Travelzoo Inc (NASDAQ:TZOO) also tries to take its customers to other leisure resorts and places where they can spend some good time and experience the deep social threads of the place they are visiting.

He said that secret of Travelzoo Inc (NASDAQ:TZOO) success and market growth is its focus on giving the best quality and services to its customers rather than making money and commercial gains. He thinks that money comes automatically if the user experience is exquisite and provided services are top notch.

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