Trecora Resources (TREC) Insider Sells Over 17,500 Shares

Trecora Resources (NYSE:TREC), saw an insider alter his position with the company greatly through a transaction officially filed today, August 20th. General Counsel Charles Goehringer Jr. sold a total of 17,800 shares at an average price of $12.535 per share. Following this move, Goehringer still has 4,800 shares invested in the company. A $308.82 million market cap company,  Trecora Resources (NYSE:TREC) is engaged in manufacturing various specialty petrochemical products.
In addition, there are a myriad of hedge funds that are involved with the company. Renaissance Technologies, the hedge fund run by Jim Simons, reported a 12% increase in its activity last quarter, and now has 22,700 shares worth about $269 thousand; while Ken Griffin‘s Citadel Investment Group maintained its position with the company after showing no change in its holdings over the course of the last quarter, and has 20,691 shares worth approximately $245 thousand invested in Trecora Resources (NYSE:TREC).
Disclosure: The author, Daniel Forstein, holds no positions in any stocks mentioned.
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