Triple Stock Purchase at Quinpario Acquisition Corp (QPAC): Insiders Ivey, Srivisal, and Quinn buy Over 10,000 Shares


Today, three insiders at Quinpario Acquisition Corp (NASDAQ:QPAC) acquired the company’s stock. The Vice President of Operations, Craig Ivey, purchased the smallest sum of the three insiders, buying 15,000 shares of Common Stock at a price of $10.27 per share. This was Ivey’s second stock purchase over the last month, as three weeks ago he reported an acquisition of 10,000 company shares for $10.00 per share. The VP of Operations now holds a total of 36,670 holdings.

John Srivisal, Vice President and CFO of the $252 million market cap firm, made his debut purchase with 38,900 shares, bought at the same price as Ivey. However, the largest purchase was executed by the President, Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of Quinpario, Jeffry Quinn. In his second stock acquisition this June, the CEO gained 97,560 company shares, adding on to the 50,000 shares he had acquired merely two weeks ago for $10.28 per share.