Triumph Group Inc (TGI): Alexander Roepers Betting Big


Triumph Group Inc (NYSE:TGI) is a company that has been included in Alexander Roepers‘ Atlantic Investment Management filing with the SEC. In the filing, Atlantic revealed upping its stake in Triumph Group to around 3.38 million shares, which represent 6.5% of the company’s outstanding stock. Earlier, Atlantic reported ownership of 2.81 million shares, equal to 5.4% of the outstanding stock. Overall, in the past couple of months, Alex Roepers has significantly upped his exposure to Triumph Group Inc (NYSE:TGI), his fund owning 2.18 million shares as of the end of March, up by almost a tenfold over the quarter.

Andreas Halvorsen‘s Viking Global is another significant investor in Triumph Group Inc (NYSE:TGI). Viking holds 3.71 million shares of the company as of the end of March. David Tepper‘s Appaloosa Management Lp has also boosted its stake in Triumph Group Inc (NYSE:TGI) during the first three months, currently holding 930,900 shares.