Twitter Inc. (TWTR): 3 Insiders Unload Shares


Last week, three insiders at Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) completed stock dispositions. The largest sale was executed by the firm’s Chief Financial Officer, Mike Gupta, who unloaded a total of 181,675 shares of Common Stock, directly, on Friday. The transaction was completed in two steps, first selling 41,675 shares for a price of $45.30 per share, before unloading another 140,000 shares for $44.63 per share. Following the sale, Gupta now owns 997,300 company shares.

The second large stock disposition was completed by Luca Baratta, Vice President of Finance and Accounting Officer at Twitter. The insider sold 44,000 shares of Common Stock, directly, on Friday for a price of $44.83 per share and now holds a total of 290,290 company holdings to his name.

The social network’s Chief Executive Officer, Richard Costolo, took care of the third stock sale last week, unloading 16,698 shares of Common Stock on Thursday. The stock was sold directly and for $45.34 per share, leaving the CEO with a total of 565,962 shares.

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