Twitter Inc (TWTR) Fabric Will Change The Tech Markets: Michael Fertik


In a program on Bloomberg, Michael Fertik, chief executive officer and founder at talked about the next big thing in the technology sector that will grab the attention of investors and users. So far, smartphones, apps and websites seem to have reached a pinnacle and climax. There is a limited canvas in the technology domains in which an active growth is taking place. Fertik thinks that Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)’s latest Fabric platform, which is designed to satisfy the needs of mobile app developers is the next big thing in the tech sector. Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)’s Fabric helps developers in different aspects of development. It reveals to them the healthy piles of information that is needed to craft any good app. It lets them get ads, which is top stream of revenue these days.

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Stability, distribution, revenue are some of the hallmarks of Fabric platform. He explained the benefit of Web Summit. Every company has its own set of tools and products to monetize on. If Fabric platform is hot in the market, Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)’s stock will go up and investors will be bullish on it, otherwise the company will suffer. However, Fertik thinks that there is a very little less value of consumers in this model.

Fertik also talked about wearable devices form the health sector. He thinks that they are still clunky devices, lacking complete suite of smart features but they can prove to be game changing gadgets in the future because they are giving information about human bodies. He thinks that digital technology and innovation are teeming with new horizons and there is no point of appointing chief digital officers in the companies as everyone must have a knowhow of digital technologies. Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)’s Fabric also offers analytics tools that can help measure the efficiency of web efforts.

 John Thaler’s Jat Capital Management owns about 7.33 million shares of Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR).

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