Twitter Inc (TWTR) Is Unable To Maintain Product Equilibrium


Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has been facing hard times since month. It has been criticized over lack of focus at the top levels in management, declining product curve and user growth. An article on Tech Crunch said that the real problem with Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) is its failure to maintain a continuous product curve. The company has shown some signs of positive user growth and increasing revenues, but product curve is not impressive. Dick Costolo, the CEO of Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR), after being lashed out by investors, took immediate steps and Twitter launched some new features. These features are good, according to the source, for making user experience refined but so far, nothing extraordinary has been done by the social media giant to catch up.

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The source said that Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) launched group messages, curated timelines to let users catch up quickly with all the happenings around the world. This would help Twitter gain user interest which was on the decline since months.

The source quoted a senior official from Twitter product team, who claims that group DMs have increased user interest. He thinks that people on Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) are connected to causes, personalities, wider canvas of everything going around them, unlike other social media outlets which are crafted around individuals.

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has also launched native video service and this has given it a surge in user engagement times.

The source said that Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)’s problem is that market isn’t yet able to grasp what Twitter features really offer. The company’s way of launching new features isn’t market friendly.

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