Twitter Inc. (TWTR) Joins The E-Commerce Bandwagon With Its ‘Buy Now’ Button


In a recent discussion on CNBC’s “Fast Money” with host Melissa Lee and Jason Del Rey, who is the senior editor of Re/code discussed as to what does the ‘Buy now’ button hold in store for Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR).

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“These buttons, if rolled out more broadly, which we expect to happen in the near future, would allow you to buy a product that’s displayed within a tweet right from twitter” said Del Rey.

He added that this development could have huge implications for the business of the company going forward. He expects Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) to slowly and steadily roll out this service by offering specific products to its users as the users won’t just flock in to buy things just because twitter is offering them an option.

Lee pointed out that Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) users are looking for information and updates instead of products and moreover, the space allowed in a tweet is not even feasible enough to convince a user for a buying decision.

Replying to it, Del Rey said that he expected the company to do some integration with the live events. He also pointed out the fact that their newly appointed commerce executive is the former CEO of a ticket selling company called

“So tickets could be something that they push timed to live events. As we all know, Twitter is the most popular when there is a live TV event happening or a live sporting event happening. So I think around those use cases they might find smart ways to push products” said Del Rey.

Speaking on how twitter can cash-in on events like the Football Word Cup, Del Rey said that the ‘Buy now’ buttons could lead to increase in revenue per user apart from increasing user engagement.

He added “I assume there would be some strong tie-in with ads as well, closing the loop for advertisers with the possibility of selling products right within a sponsored tweet.”

The ‘Buy now’ buttons had appeared temporarily on Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) and are longer available, but it gave a glimpse into what the social network is planning to offer its users soon.

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