Twitter Inc (TWTR) Speeds Up Anti-Troll Activities


Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has had a hard time fighting trolls on its social media platform. A few days ago, Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)’s internal documents were revealed in which, the company’s troubled CEO Dick Costolo admitted that that Twitter ‘sucks at dealing with abuse.’ Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has now launched some new features which will help the company to stop harassers, trolls, criminals from using the social media platform.

There are two ways Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has planned to verify the users. Upon detecting the negative activity on any account, Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) will ask the user to give his email address (which is kind of easy and impractical as emails can be made within seconds without any solid verification), the other mandatory thing is to give a phone number. This is where the criminals will be cornered as phone number can be used to trace people, get data or location.

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) says that it is now taking abuse control very seriously on its platform. An article on The Verge quoted a company’s official who says that Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has tripled the support team which is dedicated to review abuse report. Anyone can now report any account who he think violates Twitter terms of service. Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)’s workflow and required inputs for reporting an account are much easier now than before. Still, there are gaps and lapses which can give holes for the problem creators to misuse Twitter.

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)’s phone verification could be bypassed by anyone because as soon as a user receives the notification to give phone number, he can shut down his account and create a new one. Several controls and checks are necessary to make Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) free of trolls.

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