Twitter Inc (TWTR) Will Soon Reveal Statistical Data to Civil Rights Organizations : Senior Judge


Reverend Jesse Jackson, a U.S. civil rights advocate has begun pressuring Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) to follow in the footsteps of other tech companies to release its employee diversity data. Jackson claims that Black community is underrepresented in the tech community based on racial discrimination, therefore she wants the Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) employee data to make sure that all the human rights norms of the workplace are being met. Discussing this issue in a program on Fox Business, senior Judge, Andrew Napolitano, said that Civil rights organizations have no right to ask for employee data according to the US law.

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“Federal law requires all employers in the United State of America of more than one hundred persons to keep records of the racial ethnic and gender makeup of their employee force and it requires them to keep those records it doesn’t require them to reveal them to the public, it doesn’t even require them to reveal them to the government unless the government in some unique circumstance is looking for them,” said Napolitano.

Answering the question about why the companies are required to keep these records, Napolitano said that because the law was made by progressives who poke their nose in every aspect of human life, therefore they made a law which enforces keeping the record of employees

Napolitano said that if anyone is not a shareholder of the company, he has no right to ask for the employee data and statistics. He predicted that Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR), like other companies will surrender to this pressure and reveal the statistical information of its employees. He said that the data that is being demanded is only statistical, it doesn’t include any personal information.

According to the US law, the statistical data must be given to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission,but in the past, many companies are forced to give statistical data to civil rights organizations too. Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) is likely to reveal its statistical data very soon to these organizations.

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