Two Directors Bockel and Choate at Fidelity Southern Corporation (LION) Acquire Shares


Director R David Bockel and Director Millard William Choate have recently been awarded with shares for service as Directors during the previous month at Fidelity Southern Corporation (NASDAQ:LION). Mr. Bockel received 111 shares of common stock, at a price of $13.37 per share. Following this transaction, Mr. Bockel directly owns 38,281 shares, and another 4,684 shares through different indirect holdings. Mr. Choate received as an award 149 shares of common stock, also at a price of $13.37 per share, and beneficially owns now 199,363 securities at the company.

During the course of 2014, different insider transactions have been witnessed. Directors Rankin Smith, Iii Clyde W Shepherd, and William Lankford acquired respectively 16,756 shares, at prices ranging from $13.20 to $ 16.09 per share, 1,404 shares, at an average price of $14.30 per share, and 300 shares, at a price of $ 13.84 each share.

Moreover, hedge fund Basswood Capital of Matthew Lindenbaum increased its activity at Fidelity Southern Corporation (NASDAQ:LION) during the last reported quarter by 7%, and currently holds more than 2 million shares, worth about $29 million, representing 1.53% of the fund’s Equity Portfolio. In addition, Mark Lee’s Forest Hill Capital also seems to feel bullish about this $296.58 million Market Cap bank holding company, as it has increased its stake by 24%. The fund now owns 960,659 shares, worth more than $13 million, and representing 1.34% of its Equity Portfolio.

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