Two Insiders Buy Stock at Accelerate Diagnostics Inc. (AXDX)


Accelerate Diagnostics Inc. (NASDAQ:AXDX) saw two of its insiders purchase the company’s stock this week. Larry Feinberg, 10% owner of the firm, commenced the purchase streak on Monday, by acquiring 10,000 shares of Common Stock, par value $0.001 per share, for a price of $23.12 per share. The insider then bought another 10,000 shares on Wednesday, paying $19.96 per share. Furthermore, both acquisitions were executed indirectly, via the Oracle Ten Fund Master, L.P. Feinberg has consistently bought Accelerate Shares this fiscal year, including very large sums, such as 178,571 shares of Common Stock, which were acquired by the insider in May, for a price of $16.80 per share.

The second insider stock purchase this week was executed by company Director Jack Schuler, who is also a large shareholder at the $879.6 million market cap medical technology firm. Schuler completed an acquisition of 20,000 shares of Common Stock, indirectly, paying a weighted average price of $19.89 per share. Following the purchase, the director now owns a total of over 10.6 million shares.

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