Tyler Technologies Inc (TYL): Brattain’s Stock is up for Sale


Donald R. Brattain, Director at Tyler Technologies Inc (NYSE:TYL) disclosed today the disposal of 5,000 shares at a unit price of $102.28 on October 27, 2014. The transaction was completed following the use of an option worth the same amount of shares for a price of $15.69 each. This is the first time Mr. Brattain sold the company’s stock, and now owns a total of 21,500 shares.

John S. Marr Sr., President and CEO at Tyler Technologies Inc (NYSE:TYL) was very active this year selling the company’s stock. Mr. Marr has reported six sales this year since August, for a total of 107,000 shares, with prices ranging from $90.11 to $90.78, and now owns 468,186 shares.

Jim Simons’ Renaissance Technologies is the largest shareholding institution (amongst those we track) at Tyler Technologies Inc (NYSE:TYL) with a total of 584,800, valued at an estimate $53 million, after reporting a 20% stock reduction for the second filling period of 2014.

Tyler Technologies Inc (NYSE:TYL) is a provider of integrated information management solutions and services for the public sector, with a focus on local governments.

Disclosure: The author, Jodor Jalit, holds no position in any stocks or funds mentioned.

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