United Financial Bancorp Inc (NASDAQ:UBNK) saw an insider adding to her position in the company by exercising her stock options on September 24. ┬áRosemarie Papa Novello, a director at United Financial Bancorp Inc (NASDAQ:UBNK). exercised the first tranche of her 1,061 stock options at a price of $7.42 and the second tranche of 1,614 stock options at a price of $10.99. Following this filing, Rosemarie Papa Novello holds a total of 43,639 shares of United Financial Bancorp Inc (NASDAQ:UBNK), valued at over $500,000 based on the stock’s closing price on September 26, 2014.

United Financial Bancorp Inc (NASDAQ:UBNK) was set up in 2007 as a financial holding company for United bank. Majority of its holding constitutes of investments in United bank.

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