United Therapeutics Corporation (UTHR): Two Insiders Sell Stock


United Therapeutics Corporation (NASDAQ:UTHR) saw two of its insiders complete dispositions last Thursday. The talk is of John Maxim Ferrari, Chief Financial Officer at the biotechnology firm, who unloaded 10,000 shares of Common Stock, directly, for a price of $89.74 per share. The insider also exercised a stock option in the form of a cash-settled share tracking award pursuant to a Rule 10b5-1 trading plan.

The second insider stock sale on Thursday was executed by the Chief Executive Officer, Martine Rothblatt, who disposed of 3,833 shares of Common Stock, directly, for $90.86 per share. The insider also exercised a stock option.

Furthermore, this quarter showed some interesting developments amongst shareholding hedge funds, as several new positions were taken and many hedge funds increased United Therapeutics portfolio activity. Amici Capital, Paul Orlin and Alex Porter’s hedge fund, is one of the newest shareholders, with 342,399 company holdings, valued at $32.1 million. However, the largest shareholding hedge fund this quarter remains William Leland Edwards’ Palo Alto Investors, with 1.1 billion shares, worth $103.5 million and accounting for 8.55% of the portfolio.

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