Universal Health Services, Inc. (UHS)’s Director Robert Hotz Acquires 15,000 Shares


Director H Robert Hotz at Universal Health Services, Inc. (NYSE:UHS) acquired 15,000 shares of common stock, at an average price of $ 41.08 per share. This transaction was released pursuant to Rule 16b-3. Following this transaction, Mr. Hotz had 69,861 shares at this $9.37 B Market Cap company. Yet, Mr. Hotz reported selling on the same day 10,646 shares, at an average price of $ 187.47 per share. Therefore, Director Hotz now beneficially owns 59,215 shares. Another insider making transactions at the company is Director C. Eileen Mcdonnell, who during first quarter 2014 purchased 1000 shares, at a price of $81.75 per share.

Additionally, Andreas Halvorsen’s Viking Global has reduced its stake by 8% during the last reported quarter, and now owns about 2.7 million shares, worth more than $226 million, which represent 0.95% of the fund’s Equity Portfolio. Important hedge fund, Highline Capital Management of Jacob Doft has, unlike Halvorsen’s, increased its stake at Universal Health Services, Inc. (NYSE:UHS) by +4%: the fund currently owns 982,556 shares, at a value of $80 million, representing 5.53% of its Equity Portfolio.

Disclosure: none.

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