Valhi Inc. (VHI): Insider Harold Simmons Sells out his Company Shares


Valhi Inc. (NYSE:VHI)’s Affiliate, the Harold Simmons Foundation Inc., sold out the remained of its company stock yesterday. In the transaction, which closed off a row of recent stock dispositions, Simmons unloaded the remaining 1.124,529 shares, directly, at a price of $5.02 per share. Over the past few days, the affiliate had been selling off large amounts of stock, most recently on Tuesday, when the Foundation disposed of 433,236 shares for $5.01 per share.

However, apart from Simmons sell out, this quarter showed lots of movement in terms of shareholder positions. While Jim Simons decided to remove the $1.89 billion market cap enterprise from his hedge fund (Renaissance Technologies)’s portfolio, there were also new positions. The talk is of Ken Griffin’s hedge fund, Citadel Investment Group, which added a sum of 55,658 shares of the holding company, for a value of $491,100. Nonetheless, the strongest shareholder position amongst hedge funds is still maintained by Murray Stahl’s Horizon Asset Management, which owns 239,064 shares, worth $2.1 million.

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