Victorious CoFounder: Google Inc (GOOGL) Taught Me That People Are Everything


In an interview on Bloomberg about his early days in Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL), Bing Chen, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at Victorious, said that his professional experiences working with the tech giants and highly corporate environments equipped him with minute details of the deep professional threads of the industry and gave him an insight how to invest in the right resources. Chen was an associate manager at Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) under Marrisa Mayer, the current CEO of Yahoo! Inc (NASDAQ:YHOO).


Chen talked about the accelerated management program conducted by Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) which was, according to Chen, for getting the best talent for a cheap price.

“Two best lessons that I learnt from that company… Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) were people are everything, so we have invested an enormous amount of time at Victorious, finding not only the best, brightest and most talented, but also the best natured and best hearted people. I think the second lesson that we learnt at Google was that how do you scale to just enormous masses of fan bases, creative artists as well as advertisers,” said Chen.

Talking about the goals and projects of his company, Chen said that his company is focusing on digital communities, social media outlets and audio/video streaming services because it’s the thing that bridges the stars and their fans. Chen hailed YouTube, LLC as a huge platform for multimedia across the world and said that YouTube, LLC can provide immense opportunities to the stars who are just taking initial leaps in their profession.

“In my five years at YouTube, the most important lesson I learnt was that authenticity is king,” said Chen.

Answering the question about what he thinks about the Yahoo! Inc (NASDAQ:YHOO)’s initiative to start comedy streaming video content for its users, Chen said that it’s a good step for Yahoo! Inc (NASDAQ:YHOO) and it will definitely increase the user base.

Chen said that his company’s focus is to deplete the walls between the stars and their real world fans.

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