What about the Biggest Loser contestants: where are they now?


So what about the Biggest Loser contestants: where are they now? Insider Monkey now gives the answer to us with an interesting article. The Biggest Loser series has been on TV for over 17 seasons and I think all of us are curious where they are now, and what they are doing.

The series has been married by the “drugging controversy” as some of the previous contestants said that they had to take drugs in order to lose weight. They told furthermore that they were told lies about the calories they consumed and they were starved as well. The trainers and doctors of the show were accused of malpractice, but the producers denied all that. Nevertheless we can see other contestants who expressed their support on Facebook or other social media and asked the producers to go on with the show. Unfortunately, a study involving contestants from the eighth season has found that 13 of the 14 Biggest Loser contestants have put on weight again – they have regained their former weight. Four of these contestants weigh more than before the contest. It is rather a sorrowful statistics I think.

It is always an exciting question what has happened to those people whom we supported? Well, if you would like to check what the former contestants of Biggest Loser are doing now – read Insider Monkey’ article! In order to get a good result the author has looked at several articles about everything in connection with the show. These articles are from New York Times, New York Post, Guardian, and People. This list is extremely interesting because we can see how these winners could cope with the limelight and how they have changed since the show.

We have picked three contestants from Insider Monkey’s list: Ali Vincent, Ryan Benson, Erik Chopin. Ali Vincent was the first female winner in the show. It was the season 5 that she won, and she regained lots of weight since then. She began the show with 234 lbs and finished it with 122 lbs. Now she her weight is over 200 lbs again. Ryan Benson won in the first season – he lost 122 lbs. Unfortunately he regained 32 pounds of weight within only 5 days when he left the show – only by just drinking water! It’s shocking, isn’t it? Erik Chopin lost 214 lbs during the contest, but later on he regained his loss.
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