What are fun activities for work parties?


Parties at work can be an excellent opportunity to develop workplace relationships, but have you ever thought about what are fun activities for work parties? The key to having a successful work party is to get everyone involved and make sure that everyone is having a good time.

Traditional wisdom states the following: “Work is not supposed to be fun. That’s why it’s called work.” Some holiday office parties are excellent, and others are nightmares. But if you choose some interesting type of game, you will all have a great time! Have you heard about Laughing Game? This simple activity will need everyone to form a circle. Each person in the group will then have to say either “Ha Ha,” “Ho Ho,” or “Hee Hee” depending on what sequence you choose. Another interesting fun activity is the game named Famous Movies. This game requires you to prepare in advance and make quotes that you can put on small sheets of paper and fold in a bowl. Participants will then get a line and pronounce it or even enact it. The person who can guess the movie from which the quote is spoken from gets the point. The idea of the game is to bring people together. Daily stress and the job can not bring people together. When people relax with music and various kinds of activities and games the atmosphere is much nicer. If you get to know the people you work with, their private life outside of work, you will feel more relaxed and everyday job will be easier. There are different kind of ideas that companies design to break the monotony. For example one of the businesses in California distributes page-a-day calendars on various subjects to employees at the beginning of each year. There are a variety of activities that companies should organize for their employees at least once a year. Not only employees will get closer to each other, but labor productivity is going to be much better.

If you want to see what are fun activities for work parties, check Insider Monkey’s list of 10 Fun Activities for Work Parties and after that maybe you will throw some interesting party for your colleagues.