What Are High In-Demand Countries For Computer Programmers?


Since the technology is so developed, people might think that programming skills are always on the market. They are, but not in every country. Some countries are still focused on company or farming business the most, which leaves computer programmers far behind and with lower paychecks than they actually deserve. Which is why we did our best to find out what are high in-demand countries for computer programmers.
Don’t get us wrong. No matter which country you live in, there is always the solution to this problem. You can go online whenever you like and find the employer from other country willing to pay you much more than you would be getting in some company with the low revenue in your country.
Computer programmers are wanted almost everywhere. If there is no one in your country aware of your worth, maybe it is about time you move somewhere abroad, where people will understand your sacrifice and the worth of your skills.
Besides, in low developed countries, the freelancing jobs are on the rise, which means that more people require special care for their tech-babies and that’s when you show up. They would give the fortune for the slightest problem to be resolved for them. And not to even mention their risk of losing all the data when their system completely shuts down.
To be more precise, from the data we found on Insider Monkey’s website, we found out that the highest salary that is offered to programmers is $119,000. Among 25 countries they mentioned, on the very top is Washington, followed by Massachusetts and California that offer a bit more than $90,000. The country that pays the least to computer programmers from their list is Ohio, that offers the average salary of $69,000.
If neither of these 4 are suitable for you, they actually made a list of 25 best states for computer programmers, so you are free to check it out and choose the best one by yourself.