What are the least racist countries in the world?


What are the least racist countries in the world? Slowly but steadily, the world has realized the importance of getting along together and not encourage violence and hatred based on color, caste, race, or sex. It is not as common now as it was a few years back but there a lot of countries which are quite non-tolerant towards people of another origin. People around the world are now understanding the need to get the violence and racism out of the system in order to be able to lead a better quality of life. What starts out as a simple opinion has the potential to turn into a fully blown-up violent act of racism, affecting one’s personal life, his or her community, and to say nothing about the political ties.

Slowly, the society is advancing towards the goal of eradicating this social evil. There are a few countries who lead the way. They have set an example of a friendly and tolerant nation and the benefits of not indulging in racism and violence. A World Values Survey has come up with a list of the least racist countries in the world. The survey comprised of questions that involved asking people around the globe whether they would disapprove being neighbors with people of different origin. Latin America and Scandinavian countries came out with a good score. The result might not be very accurate as people who have racist tendencies would not be willing to share them openly. Most of the countries which have shown up as least racist welcome visitors to their country with a zeal. Countries like Britain and Australia are popular spots for immigrants. These countries have strict anti-racism act in place. Racism in its most common form includes hate speech, verbal or physical attacks based on a person’s ethnicity, sex, religious beliefs, caste, or color. There are laws against such acts and are maintained strictly by these countries.

Belgium, New Zealand, and Norway are some of the countries which are among the least racist countries in the world. To know about which other countries have been declared as least racist, you can check out the least racist countries in the world. Take a look at the list. It is open for debate. You might be able to form a good idea of the countries that are more tolerant and encourage diversification.


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