What are the least Xenophobic countries in the world? People often misunderstand the difference between racism and xenophobia. There is quite a significant difference between these two terms. Since most people do not recognize this difference, we do not have an established answer for this question. Xenophobia is the fear of foreign people, and/or things while racism refers to hatred of the people belonging to a specific race. More often than not, those who are Xenophobic also tend to show racist behavior. This works the other way too. A fine example of this is the honorable President of the USA, Mr.Donald Trump, who had actively advocated against both foreigners and those from different races. You can study more about the subtle differences between racism and xenophobia. They usually tend to closely related to each other.

Fortunately, there are still a few countries that are extremely friendly and welcome people from all over the globe regardless of any kind of negative thoughts. Much research has been done in connection with this to get a fair idea of the least Xenophobic countries in the world. A World Values Survey questioned people from different nations. One determining question was whether they would be happy with a neighbor who is a foreigner. Another was asking about their opinion on providing jobs for the native people of the country rather than the immigrants. These two questions summed up and gave a pretty reliable answer of the countries where xenophobia is least present. This list has been compiled with the help of the survey.

Mexico is listed as one of the least Xenophobic nations. Rather than show such tendencies, they are actually victims of such acts. In spite of this, they welcome foreigners to their land. Another such country is Uruguay which was a victim of such behavior itself. There are other countries as well which encourages its citizens to not indulge in such behavior while the government itself takes steps to include foreigners in their society by opening up immigration opportunities. These countries lead the way by example.

Sweden, Argentina, and Australia are few of the countries that feature in this list. These countries are quite popular with immigrants as they get more acceptance from the citizens than compared to other places. You can take a look at the full list of the least Xenophobic countries in the world along with the ranking.