What Are The 10 Most Barbaric Countries in the World?


For those who were wondering which are the 10 most barbaric countries in the world, here you can learn and expand your knowledge about them. Even though a lot of these things happened mostly in the past, a lot of countries, undeveloped mostly, kept their ‘tradition’ and are still living by these rules, principles, and laws.

Ever since the beginning of the human race, humans started doing a different kind of things in order to survive and gain a better rank in the community, most of these things were bad. Today, this hasn’t changed much because a lot of people will still try to destroy their fellow citizens if they have some kind of a profit advantage of that and some of them are still doing weird and unimaginable things.

While talking about 10 most barbaric countries in the world, we turned our attention to countries where most of the humans mentioned above live, and countries which have some rough and not-acceptable laws like discrimination, stoning, cutting human’s limbs, marrying off young children and even the death penalty. Today, in the world we are living, we are witnessing rape, wars, terrorism, robberies and killing on every corner as well as fighting between communities or countries. In most of the cases, this kind of things are happening in undeveloped countries. Also, today we are witnesses to young children who are forced to marry an older man because they are in some way considered as a burden to the family. But, in many undeveloped countries, young children are married off because of tradition, or in major cases because of poverty. When it comes to death penalty, the reasons vary from one country to another. In some countries, you will be sentenced to a death penalty because of an act of terrorism or murder, while in other you can be sentenced because you slept with someone or for stealing something insignificant. According to Amnesty International, more than 1640 people were executed in 2015 and 89% of the executions happened in just three countries. The death penalty is not something you watch on television, it is real and it has different types of execution like beheading, hanging, shooting in the back of the head, electrocution and lethal injection, it is completely wrong and against the human rights.

If you want to learn and expand your knowledge about this subject, Insider Monkey created a full list of 10 most barbaric countries in the world.