What are the beach resort jobs with employee housing?


What are the beach resort jobs with employee housing? Some jobs can be more fun than others. There are times you can enjoy yourself while earning some money. This is especially true of summer jobs where the focus is not about making a career for yourself but just to expose yourself to new things and earn some money. Taking up a job at a beach resort brings a lot of benefits. You can enjoy yourself and soak in the sun when you are off duty. You can meet new people and develop friendships. You might not earn a lot of money wise but you will not have to worry about food and accommodation. This means that all your earnings can just be put away for something you need. And what’s more, you might even get to travel!

For getting a beach resort job, you don’t need to show a degree or a high level of education. Many of the jobs don’t even require a lot of previous experience. If you apply during the peak season, then you are likely to get the job and a good pay as well. If you want to put in overtime to earn more money, that would be possible too! The only downside is that these jobs are quite labor-intensive and you will have to be on your feet for long hours. It also requires basic communication skills since you would be constantly interacting with customers.

Some of the interesting jobs that are available are resort manager, front desk staff, and cook. As a manager, you can easily get around $10 to $15 per hour. The work is demanding but if you have the organizational skills and the right way of handling the staff, you can apply for this job. Another option is the front desk staff, whose main job is to interact with customers. They are the face of the resort, so you need to have good communication skills and the ability to keep calm even under stress. With this job, you can get a pay of $9 to $14 per hour. A cook can also earn around $13 per hour. It is a fun job and you can learn a lot. For more ideas on beach resort jobs with employee housing, you can consult our list, which has been compiled with data from Resort Jobs, Cool Works, and Go Abroad. The classification has been done according to the average salaries. So send in your résumé right now!