What are the best countries to backpack alone?


Everybody loves traveling, but have you ever thought about what are the best countries to backpack alone? The adventure tends to be more exciting when you backpack alone because you allow yourself just to go with the flow and really go to places you want to see, instead of just being part of a group tour where you’re forced to leave even when you feel like staying.

If you ever decide to backpack alone, Sweden is one of the best places for you. There are acres of forests, wide lakes, and even ancient castles to see in Sweden. Its high safety ranking also makes it an ideal destination, plus the happy and welcoming people you are likely to encounter. If you decide to visit some exotic place, Nicaragua is the right for you. They have very welcoming and hospitable people, proven by their high happiness ranking. It is also very affordable to roam around, as there is plenty of public transportation available, including the chicken bus. Seaside, palms, cocktails on the beach. Costa Rica is the right place for this kind of vacation. The country offers zip lining, canopy walking, mangrove and jungle excursions, white water rafting, kayaking, surfing, and spelunking. Most of their tourist spots come with low entrance fees, so you can have fun without having to break the bank. If you ask people who love to travel alone why is that kind of traveling better than traveling with some friend, or a partner, the answer is always the same. You can relax and enjoy more alone, than when you are with someone else. You can plan your free time as you like, and there is always someone you can talk to if you like. Unless you really can’t talk to strangers or you put yourself across as cold, boring or super weird making new friends on the road is no worries at all, and more often than not you’ll join these new faces to explore with – whether that’s on a day trip or making your way around an entire country or continent you’ll never be short of friendly faces, that; the fact.

If you want to see what are the best countries to backpack alone, check Insider Monkey’s list of 10 Best Countries to Backpack Alone and find out more about beautiful destination around the globe.


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