So you are wondering what are the best couples cooking classes for date night in NYC? Do you like cooking? Or are you just planning to study cooking? As for me I really love cooking. It is one of my favorite hobbies, aside baking cakes. But what is true that we can always learn something new, something exciting in the kitchen. I love checking new recipes everywhere; what’s more I registered lots of cooking sites, blogs in order to learn as many recipes as I can. I particularly like making international meals; I must confess my personal favorites are the Hungarian, Italian and Greek cuisine.

If you are a New Yorker or have a sweet trip to New York, it is worth visiting cooking classes here. I do think that cooking is a very good feeling, but cooking together with your love – well, it is really something! New York is a wonderful, busy city that never sleeps – so you can find lots of options where to go out or what to do while dating.

Now Insider Monkey has made a list that helps to narrow these large numbers of options to the bests. They consulted couple of sources like Gothamist, Blot Magazine and Class Curious. These sites were extraordinarily useful and helpful, as they contain lots of information. Insider Monkey’s list was selected with the help of price, reviews and the variety in both location and cuisine. These sites were extraordinarily helpful, and offered a wealth of information on numerous great options. Our list was selected based on reviews, price, and variety in both cuisine and location around the city.

We have picked three classes from their list: Cook & Go, Whole Foods Market Bowery Culinary Center, Sur La Table. Cook & Go was started by a recent French transplant in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. You need to pay $54 per couple, and you can learn how to make: entree, appetizer, side, and dessert. The meals that can be learnt here are usually healthy, and the place is happy and bright. Whole Foods Market Bowery Culinary Center is in the Lower East Side of Manhattan and its cooking classes are about urban, modern, beginner cook. Sur La Table is a highly respected company. It offers us many cooking classes, and if you like Hell’s Kitchen, you will enjoy them.

You can learn more about the best couples cooking classes for date night in NYC on Insider Monkey’s site.


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