What are the Best Drinking Games to Play with a Girl?


What are the Best Drinking Games to Play with a Girl? Whether you are just hanging out with your female friends or you are looking to flirt with that girl, drinking games are the perfect way to start having fun. There are many options you can choose to have a fun evening but drinking games provide a great source of entertainment. If you are looking for games which do not need a lot of preparation, it’s fun to play and includes many types of drinks, you are at the right place. We have come up with a list of the easiest and the most fun drinking games that you can play with a girl.

There are a lot of popular drinking games out there but most of them require a lot of people for it to be fun. If you’re playing with a girl alone, you might need a few games which involve only the two of you and still be fun! There are a few two players games involving drinking. Do make sure you drink responsibly. It’s more fun if you and your partner in this game have a good alcohol tolerance. If the girl is willing and okay with it, you can include certain other ideas into the game like stripping one piece of clothing, having a double shot if they do something wrong, or kissing after every drink. Do have a chat before you play about the level of intimacy you want to play on. Make sure every is consensual. Keep in mind that drinking out of control can cause temporary and permanent harm to your health.

We went through many blogs, sites, and forums to come up with the best drinking games. We included the games which were mentioned most frequently. The list is sorted according to its popularity. Striptease dice, Beer pong, and Shot or dare are some of the interesting games to play with a girl. Beer pong was mentioned four times in the sources. Shot or dare was mentioned 3 times while Striptease dice was found 3 times. Check out the rest of the Best Drinking Games to Play with a Girl. Beer Pong is rated to be the top most popular drinking game to play with a girl as we understood from the sources. Get drinking and play one of these games! Have fun!