What are the best drinks to order at a bar for a woman?


So what are the best drinks to order at a bar for a woman? Are you just preparing for a date with the sweetest man ever? Would like to know what to order when you are at the bar? Insider Monkey recently published a very useful and cute article about this topic. Perhaps you are meeting your friends somewhere cool and who knows you may run into your future Love – so you really need to be elegant, sexy and attractive. That’s all right you intend to put on your favorite charming clothes, have a decent make-up and dive into a pleasant night – but what should you order when you are there? No Insider Monkey is giving you some easy tips what to drink at a bar even if you are just hanging around with your old friends from the university!

What were Insider Monkey’s points of views? How did they rank alcoholic beverages for you? Well, as that article is being written for women they watched three of the typical aspects that women generally consider: the drink shouldn’t contain too much strong alcohol and calories yet it should be elegant to be consumed. So if drink A is on the first one of their list it means that it is the most elegant, and contains the less calories and powerful alcohol (of course it can be changed if the portion of a certain alcohol is changed in the list). You can gain more information on sites like Calories in alcohol, The statistics of the most popular drinks, and How these drinks are made as well.

We have picked three drinks from their list: Cosmopolitan, Mojito, and Gin and Tonic. Cosmopolitan is a highly known alcoholic drink, has already turned up many films as well, but in our list it got only the last position as however elegant, girlish it may be but it contains the most calories. Regarding to its content we need to mention triple sec, vodka, cranberry juice. Mojito is a delicate drink which has deservedly gained popularity. It consists of white rum, fresh mint leaves, lime, club soda and ice cubes. Drinking it is very girlish, isn’t it? Well, Gin and Tonic is not surprising to be in this list also. Gin and tonic is so well-known, so popular, and so easy to make and fine to drink that it can be found in almost every list. No wonder that it has appeared in this list as well.
For any further and delicious tips, you really should read the article about the best drinks to order at a bar for a woman.