What are the best electronic cigarette brands? It has been only several years since electronic cigarettes stepped into the United States market. Nowadays vaping is gaining more and more in vogue. From year to year, we observe an increase in the e-cigarettes sales. So today we are going to talk about this decade smoking trend.

According to National Institute on Drug Abuse, teens are more likely to use e-cigarettes than regular cigarettes. If to compare the age of young consumers, we will see the following interesting statistics: 16.2% 12th-grade teens in the United States consume electronic cigarettes versus 11.4% of teens the same age who are smoking regular cigarettes. But looking at the 8th grade and 10th grade, we see the most drastic difference: 14% of 10h-grade youngsters are vapers in comparison with the 6.3% of smokers.

So what does vaporizer vaporize? Manufacturers are not obliged to report e-cigarettes ingredients, so all that is left to is to arrange a quiz. 66 percent of young people say that they have just flavoring inside of their e-cigarettes, 13.7 percent say nicotine, 5.8 percent say marijuana, and 1.3 percent say something else. There is no scientific proof that nicotine-containing electronic cigarettes are less harmful to the health than the regular tobacco cigarettes. So it’s good to know that most of the kids are vaping flavor, at least if to believe the survey.

There are various factors which are used to make this list of the best e-cigarettes like battery performance, cigarette design, vapor production. The thicker the cloud, the better e-cigarette is. For those who replace tobacco cigarette with an electronic one, it’s crucial to have it about the same size, so it won’t take a long time of getting used to a new object. And of course, the weight of the device is the topmost factor in choosing the brand.

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