What are the best Etsy shops to buy personalized necklaces with your initials?


So what are the best Etsy shops to buy personalized necklaces with your initials? Do you like your name? Do you like to show it to the world? If so, there is a nice-cute article on Insider Monkey that you really need to read! Lots of people love wearing stuffs that have their monograms, for example monogrammed accessories, bags, rings, necklaces, pens or even clothes. I have a favorite pen with my initials on it which I got about 15 years ago. I take care of it and whenever I go out, this pen is always in my bag. Sometimes I think this pen brings luck to me. The personalized necklaces are one of the most popular jewelries that people love purchasing. Maybe it is because we like to show who we are. As the author of the article says she is a “Southern” girl and Southern people are extremely fond of wearing stuff like this.

Etsy has all kinds of fashionable and handmade crafts that you can buy. For instance you can purchase vintage rose gold diamond engagement rings on their site. Or perhaps you need some special décor for your wedding or just tend to buy some cool arts – you can find everything on Etsy! According to Zacks, Etsy has more than one million active users and almost 20 million buyers. This number is incredible. If we see this large number of sellers we can imagine that there is absolutely no problem to find lots of options and prices for whatever we would like to buy. As the recent trend shows that people love wearing initial necklaces Insider Monkey has investigated what are the best Etsy shops to buy them. Insider Monkey has made an excellent list of these items and where they can be bought.

Therefore they observed Etsy’s sight to find sellers who offer these necklaces, and took a look at how many goods these sellers sold. So if you want to have a pretty good time with looking at where you can buy these beautiful necklaces, you should read this article. You can never know when you can discover the next piece of your collection.

Now we have picked only three shops from the list: TheroseNrose, AlyaPersonalized, and JewelryHills. ThereoseNrose has 621 sales but it is only because they opened in January 2017. AlyaPersonalized has 3,460 sales, while JewelryHills has 13,883 sales.
For further shops and information we recommend reading the best Etsy shops to buy personalized necklaces with your initials.