What are the best Etsy stories like Anthropologie?


What are the best Etsy stories like Anthropologie? Anthropologie is a brand that offers women’s clothing, furniture, accessories, home décor, beauty products, and gift items. It has become a multinational brand with shops in more than 200 locations around the world. Anthropologie became quickly popular because it focuses on charming and lovely items. Each store is well arranged, designed in a way to catch the eye. The focus of their clothing and other products are on giving a luxury feel. The brand also has a lot of small trinkets and gift items, which are good for buying as presents.

But while Anthropologie is a great brand, you can also find similar products on Etsy. The site has made a name for itself for being the marketplace for innovative, creative and beautiful products. If you have even the least creativity, you can start a business on Etsy easily. Those who sell on Etsy are true artists as they come up with brand new ideas each time and have the talent and the skill to translate their ideas into products. Another plus to buying on Etsy is that you would be supporting small private businesses. Etsy products are also cheaper than most things you can purchase in an Anthropologie store.

But how to find the right shops on Etsy? That’s what we are here to help you with! Check out brands like Barruntando: Kitchen, Flytrap: Clothing, and TinyWondersGardens: Outdoor Inspired Living on Etsy. Barruntando: Kitchen offers handmade ceramic products, mostly for the kitchen. Most are in cute shapes and look lovely. Flytrap: Clothing makes it a point to have original prints and designs on their products. The idea is to sell extra-comfortable clothing in super-soft materials and innovative prints. TinyWondersGardens has a large variety of plants for your home. If you want to green up your home décor, then it’s a great shop to browse.

For more such best Etsy stores like Anthropologie, take a look at our list. For compiling it, we first listed all the categories of products sold in Anthropologie stores, and then looked them up on Etsy. Only five star rated shops were chosen but the number of reviews was also considered as criteria. The more the reviews, the better the chances of getting on our list! Take a look at the list to know more!