After graduating college and optionally taking a one-year off, it is time for you to get the job. You made your CV perfect, put on the best suit, and practiced your interview and the only thing that left is applying. But where? It is in your best interest to work for the company that fits all your criteria and not just the highest salary. The ones that don’t fit you that well, but are still kind of acceptable should be left at the bottom and applied to only if you don’t have anywhere else to go. So, what are the best finance companies to work for?

Believe it or not, the best finance companies you should initially apply to are not the most famous and richer ones, but smaller ones which usually take the best care of their employees. The market is very unstable and the tracking all the law’s and politics’ changes, that you don’t need the extra pressure from your employer. For staying focused and productive in this area, you need to work in the comfortable environment with lots of challenges, because of your own improvement, as well as the benefits which you earn as the qualified employee.

For making the environment as comfortable as they can, many offices offer their employees the access to the gyms, swimming pools, medical rooms etc. The second big thing is that the employees don’t need to take maternity and/or paternity leaves, but continue working from their home and have the same duties as they were in the office. They can also be virtually present at the conferences and meetings and still be involved in making the big decisions related to some jobs and the company in general. Of course, there are also the health insurance and family care services which you should also pay attention to. For finding the perfect job, you should be well prepared. So let’s take the closer look to the 11 best finance companies to work for Insider Monkey’s research team prepared.