What Are the Best Financial Apps?


Nowadays, on Google Play or iTunes, you can find literally everything you need or even don’t need in your life, but you just want to have it installed on your smartphone. Besides games, free texting apps and apps for making your pictures better, there are also apps that help you in your business, such as financial apps. Financial investors and traders have to stay in focus of the events linked to finances at any time of day and night. Instead of spending almost every minute in front of your computer or a TV, or even hiring someone to do it instead of you, you can easily instal some of the best financial apps Insider Monkey recommended in one of the articles that we will later talk about, and just sit in your chair and relax, while your smartphone loads and processes all needed information and update you whenever something important comes up.

While looking for the best financial app for your smartphone, you should really pay attention to all reviews and take a few days to check the reliability of the app. Why did we say check the reliability? Because there are many apps that only rehash the news from other media they find, no matter how reliable they are, or, even worse, make up their own version of some news, which may lead you to the complete bankrupt.

After they’ve spent enough time researching this topic, Insider Monkey’s team came to the conclusion that the best apps find their sources in a strong journalism such as Barron’s and Wall Street Journal, as well as Marketwatch and TheStreet. After they’ve studied it in details, they came up with 7 best financial news apps for investors and traders, so check it out, and we guarantee you that you won’t regret it.