What are the best flea markets on the East Coast?


So what are the best flea markets on the East Coast? Would you like to make a good use of your bucks? Do you like wandering, watching goods and hunting for them in a flea market? Do you like old things? Are you a keen DIY fan who loves renewing everything with your own hands? Flea markets are for you. For now Insider Monkey has investigated you the best flea markets in New York and in New Jersey.

But what is a flea market? As a matter of fact we use the term “flea market” when we want to describe an outdoor bazaar, where secondhand articles or handmade goods are sold by third party vendors. Nowadays more and more people love going to the flea markets as they are really good fun. You can spend days with walking and looking at the items there, and you can realize that the time goes on – when you become hungry. You can really buy everything there from old lamps, furniture, to table-cloth, shoes – actually everything! As for me I adore taking a nice trip the flea markets – like the author of the article – and enjoy the wonderful day there. But I must confess I prefer visiting there alone. If some one comes with me I can’t observe every item, because I feel that I need to pay attention to my partner. So I have bought there lots of my favorite things: tea sets, dinner plate set, trousers and shirts as well.

The author made a very thorough job as she checked Fodors Travel, Flea Market Insider and other sites. It is not an easy task to rank the flea markets however, because they could be qualified by the variety of items being sold, size of venue, size or area and so on.

We just pick three flea markets from the list such as: Brooklyn Flea, Mustang Flea Market; and The Stormville Airport Antiques Show & Flea Market. Brooklyn Flea gives home for over 100 vendors usually selling beautiful handmade items, this flea market has definitely earned its spot on their list. The Mustang Flea Market in Pinellas Park, Florida serves almost everything from fresh local produce, to one of kind vintage items. We mention The Stormville Airport Antiques Show & Flea Market in Stormville, New York. If you haven’t been there you really need to visit this flea market, as you can find more than 600 vendors selling their old, exciting items. You won’t regret going there.

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