What Are the Best Free Offline Kid’s iPad Games?


If you are stuck with a kid that is over obsessed with technology like I am, then you have to stick to us as we are about to find out what are the best free offline kid’s iPad games.

Kids are like sponges. You might lose 4 hours explaining to them that the new squeaky toy is for them, as they become older, they won’t pay attention to it unless you take the initiative and start playing by yourself. The more you use something, the more interested they become in it. Since you probably won’t spend all your day playing with toy trucks and cubes, but have some device in your hand instead, it is more likely that they will prefer your toy over theirs. They will try to take your smartphone and use the apps they see you using, or take your iPad instead. But instead of rushing to conclusions, why don’t you try taking the advantage of their interest in smartphones or iPads? Instead of yelling each time they take it, you can try downloading some educational games for them. You can teach them how to read, write, know the difference between animals, colors, or just download some game to make them busy and fun.

As a parent, I am not against playing games. Not because I want to leave my kid on his own, but because I also had a period of playing games, although we didn’t have smartphones at the time, consoles that we needed to connect with our TVs. There are games like that even nowadays, but kids mostly prefer iPads and smartphones. So, like your parents didn’t forbid you to play Mario when you were a kid, download some game for your kid as well. Insider Monkey has a collection of 11 free iPad games for kids that don’t require the internet, so your kid can’t mess up with anything and spend your salary while playing games, and let your child enjoy it. Maybe you’ll even find some game that suits you too.