What are the best French cooking classes in NYC?


So what are the best French cooking classes in NYC? Do you love French food? Those delicious wines, cheeses, breads and meals? Do you like cooking? Or are you just planning to study cooking? As for me I really love cooking. It is one of my favorite hobbies, aside baking cakes. But what is true that we can always learn something new, something exciting in the kitchen. I love checking new recipes everywhere; what’s more I registered lots of cooking sites, blogs in order to learn as many recipes as I can. I particularly like making international meals; I must confess my personal favorites are the Hungarian, French, Italian and Greek cuisine. But I must confess I have never cooked French food. If you check Insider Monkey’s article you will realize you really don’t need to save up money and travel to France just because you want to study how to cook French food.

If you are a New Yorker or have a tasty and spicy trip to New York, it is worth visiting cooking classes here. I do think that cooking is a very good feeling, but cooking something special – well, it is really something! New York is a wonderful, busy city that never sleeps – so you can find lots of options where to go and learn French food. France is so romantic, their language, their lifestyle are so easygoing but so deep! Insider Monkey has investigated for you the best French cooking classes in NYC. They consulted sites like Gothamist, Blot Magazine, and Guest of a Guest. The classes were ranked by price, reviews, opinions over the cross-references.

We have picked two French classes from their list: Valentina’s Baguette, and Cook & Go. Valentina’s Baguette is Boerum Hill which is neighborhood of Brooklyn. It lasts two hours and cots $240 for two people. The aim of the class is how to make fine baguettes at home for yourself and for your family. Cook & G was founded by a French transplant in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. It costs $54 per couple, and you can learn how to make appetizer, entre, side, and desert. The meals are generally fairly healthy, and the space is bright and happy.
For any further interesting information, you should read Insider Monkey’s article about the best French cooking classes in NYC.