Would you like to know what the best fun classes are to take in NYC? Do you want to have a little bit more excitement in your education? If so, you will enjoy the article was published by Insider Monkey.

It is impossible to be bored in New York City. It is always interesting to learn something new. As for me I always like learning new things: languages, embroidery, dog training, cooking or baking. The next thing would like to study is fruit and vegetable carving. I can imagine myself as I am waiting for my friends and I am cooking something delicious and carving some beautiful flowers and leaves as garnish. Actually there are so many classes you can enter in New York City – that no matter where you live or what your preferences are – for sure you can find something you will like. And what is more, a class is not only a fun for you, but it also can be a great idea for a gift. For instance one of your friends will have her birthday and you know she likes wines – then you can buy a class like that.

To get an adequate answer, Insider Monkey consulted sources like Refinery29, Culture Trip and Class Curious’s database. In the list there is no particular order as these classes are all fun.

We have picked three classes from the list: Wine 101 at NYC Wine Company; Fire Dancing Lessons at Floasis; and DJ 101 at Scratch DJ Academy. The classes of Wine 101 at NYC Wine Company are about what sets wine apart from the others. It costs $90 and you will learn how to be a wine aficionado. Fire Dancing Lessons at Floasis is a fantastic opportunity if you are interested in fire dancing. Tara McManus is a professional dancer and you will surely enjoy her classes. You will learn how to spin jams, hold metal and wick fans, and light them by yourself, during the classes you will study how to do all theses properly and safely. At last but not least we mention DJ 101 at Scratch DJ Academy, which offers wide range of DJ classes, including one for beginners. Migueline Gambaccini will teach you in an entertaining way. If you are passionate about music and nightlife this class is the perfect idea for you.

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