What are the best gifts you can get for your child after the college graduation?


When your child finishes college, as the proudest parent on Earth at that moment, you want to give your angel the best gift as the award for their hard work. But this is really hard giving the circumstances that you don’t know your child as you used to since you two have been living apart for that long.

Besides being the most exciting period in people’s life’s, the college is also one of the most challenging and exhausting part. Best students usually spend most of their time studying and are usually using all of their free time to hang out with their new or old friends and gain the college experience like in movies. Some quiet and unsocialized children go crazy on college, start partying every night and forget all the things their parents thought them since they were little. On the other hand, there are the ones that transform from the ’’bastards’’ to serious and polite people determined to change the worldThat’s why parents and their children loose touch in this period and become strangers in some way.

When this period ends, parents try to reconnect to their children and also make a great effort when it comes to rewarding them for bringing home the college degree. But the real question is: how to pick the best gift ever?

First of all, we are all individuals with different expectations and wishes. What is perfect for one person, doesn’t mean anything for someone else. The second thing is financials. Sad, but truth, many parents give so much money for their children’s educations and maybe have mortgages and some other expenses that they can’t afford expensive gifts and sometimes any gift. The bright sight is that most of the college graduates don’t require that expensive, but useful gifts. Sometimes, the gift card is enough. But some more financially stable parents can, for example, buy a new business wardrobe for their child or give them money to travel and take a year of before they start looking for a job.

There are so many possibilities, you just need to be creative and economic. For those less creative ones, Insider Monkey picked the 15 best college graduations gifts, so be free to use some of them and be sure that the smile on your angel’s face is guaranteed.