What are the best gin drinks for summer?


So what are the best gin drinks for summer? As summer is approaching when we really have a good time with friends you may search drinks for the long, warm nights that you can sob next to the pool, Insider Monkey have made a list of the easiest gin drinks for summer. All of us know this spirit well and we have already tasted it in many cocktail or ordinary drinks. But for now Insider Monkey have investigated some funny facts about gin, too. Although it is generally thought to be English but as a matter of fact it originates from Holland, Europe. The predominant flavor of gin comes from juniper berries and it has had a long-standing tradition since the Middle Ages.

In the Eighty Years’ War when English soldiers supported Dutch against Spain, the English soldiers got Gin as it calmed effects before the battle – Dutch soldiers had already drunk it for a long time – this is the term Dutch Courage is thought to have been derived. So if you consume gin drinks you may feel Dutch Courage as well.

In order to get fine answers Insider Monkey consulted one of the best sites: The webtender where you can find thousands of drinks – alcoholic and non-alcoholic as well – as it is a really genuine site of drinks. All of us definitely know that are lots drinks containing Gin, but surprisingly Insider Monkey have found 933 recipes with Gin! Therefore they focused on only those that can be made maximum of two or three ingredients and they have ranked them regarding to the votes the drinks have received so far.

We have picked three drinks from their list: Leap Frog Highball; 6 Billy Taylor, and Bulldog Cocktail. In order to make Leap Frog Highball you need: 2 oz Gin, Juice of ½ lemon and. Ginger ale. Let’s pour gin and juice of lemon over ice cubes in a highball glass. Fill with ginger ale, stir and serve it in highball glass of course. If you want to make 6 Billy Taylor, the necessary ingredients are: 2 oz Gin, Juice of 0,5 lemon, and fizzy water. Put ice cubes into a Collins glass, and then pour lemon juice and Gin over the cubes. Fill it with fizzy water, stir and serve. At last but not least we mention the delicious Bulldog cocktail, for which you will need: 1,5 oz Cherry brandy, ¾ oz Gin and Juice of 0.5 lime. It will be perfect if you shake all the ingredients with ice, and serve in a cocktail glass.
We highly recommend reading the article about the easiest gin drinks for summer.