What are the best heroic rescue stories throughout history like Cedric Herrou?


Everybody knows who is Cedric Herou, but have you ever thought about what are the best heroic rescue stories throughout history like Cedric Herrou?

Did you ever hear about Doc Hendley? The Founder and President of the charity, Wine to Water, a nonprofit committed to providing clean drinking water to those in countries like Sudan, India, Cambodia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Peru, South Africa, Kenya and elsewhere around the world. Do you know what heroic story is behind this men? Or Jorge Munoz Zapata – Originally arriving in the U.S. as an illegal immigrant, Munoz, or The Angel of Queens, became a citizen in 1987. Three Americans were traveling by train in France when they rushed and halted a potential attacker planning to open fire on the train car, and do you know what their heroic story is?
The most famous heroic story nowadays is a story about Cedric Herrou. Cédric Herrou is a French olive farmer and immigration activist. He became known in France and internationally following his arrests for helping more than 250 migrants cross into France from Italy. Herrou’s efforts have been described in the media as the “French Underground Railroad.” On August 2016, Herrou was arrested while transporting eight migrants in his van across the Italian-French border. After concluding that Herrou’s intent was humanitarian, the French prosecutor in Nice declined to press charges. On October 20, 2016, Herrou was arrested after he and three other activists occupied the former SNCF railway station Saint-Dalmas-de-Tende, near Tende, France. Herrou was assisting fifty migrants, principally from Eritrea and the Sudan, to cross into France from the Italian city of Ventimiglia and housing them at the disused railway station. The prosecutor, who called Herrou’s actions “noble,” requested an eight-month suspended sentence.The actual sentence is expected to be handed down by the court on February 10, 2017. On January 18, 2017, Herrou was taken into custody by local police, and On 10 February 2017, a trial court in Nice convicted Herrou for aiding illegal arrivals and of fined him €3,000.

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