What are the Best Hotel Chains For Business Travelers?


What are the Best Hotel Chains For Business Travelers? Those on business travel will understand the importance of a good quality hotel offering good services. They are generally located in ideal locations and provide amenities such as complimentary breakfast, WiFi, spa and gym services. The global hotel business is growing due to free trade and Globalisation policies as it had led to an increase in global business travel.

The business travelers of today want convenience as well as time-saving options. Since they make up a large part of the income for the hotels, the hotel chains put in efforts to create customized packages. A survey by Fortune and Travel + Leisure, a hotel can be relevant as a professional business class hotel only if they can successfully combine the digital told with the traditional hospitality. Complimentary Wi-Fi is one of the most basic services as the leading hotels in the industry are now offering mobile check-in and check-out options along with online bookings. They also have reward points system. The hotels are charging with the trend. According to a research, about 55% of the guests use the internet services for a minimum of one hour every day for the official purpose. Over 70% of the guests made use of the high-speed internet available in the hotel’s common area.
The hotels are offering customizable rooms to prove an atmosphere like your home. They also aim to provide healthy food to the clients. According to Fortune, a serene room, comfortable in many ways with in-room technology along with a late check-out option, a good customer service, and a loyalty program is some of the factors that many travelers look at.

Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, The Kimpton, and Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts are a few of the Best Hotel Chains For Business Travelers. Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, a subsidiary of Marriott International, operates 90 luxury resorts and hotels in over 30 countries. It is known for its flawless service. They offer a home-like environment. Their app can manage the guests’ check-in and check-out along with housekeeping and valet service requests. The Kimpton, a subsidiary of InterContinental Hotels Group, owns over 65 restaurants and boutique hotels in more than 30 cities in the US. They are appreciated for their loyalty system and their excellent customer service. They are on the social media and promotes their business by offering services to frequent travelers. Check out the other good hotels in this list.