Maybe you didn’t know about this or haven’t thought, but a lot of people are naming their houses and you probably caught yourself thinking what are the best house names in the world?

When it comes to naming their houses, people are very creative, some of them are giving serious names while others want to insert a little humor in it. The most popular way to name your house is to use a pun, and even though some of them are already old and used, you can also come up with a very original and unique name. You may think the name is all about the house, but the name you came up with is also revealing a lot about yourself. The most popular puns are ‘breeze’, ‘sea’ and ‘beeches’ and some people are naming their houses using all of these three puns at the same time.

Most of the beach house names are pretty boring because they all involve the word ‘sea’ in them, but those who put a little thought in the name came up with pretty interesting like ‘Under The Broccoli Tree’ or ‘My Aunt That Lives In The Middle Of Nowhere’.

If you wanted to name your house but you had no idea what are the best house names, Insider Monkey made a deep research on this topic and came up with the most accurate answer. If you are interested you should check Insider Monkey’s list of 15 best house names in the world¬†and maybe you will get inspired and come up with a more interesting and unique name.