Nature is all around us, but have you ever thought about what are the best luxury nature spots in the world?
Our world is home to some truly incredible sites. Everything from vast deserts with elusive wildlife roaming around, to exotic locales.

Islands conjure dreams of paradise; an escape from the rat race, a perfect patch of sand where you can relax. Bora Bora is a place that you have to visit once in a lifetime definitely! All of this incredible nature is what you can expect when arriving at Bora Bora, but flights and many of the resorts out here will probably be a bit spendy, so be ready for a real treat, one that will make every penny worth it. The Seychelles are a magnificent archipelago encompassed by one of the biggest marine parks located in the Indian Ocean. Diving won’t be a bargain, but the sights to be seen under the crystal clear water will be priceless. The most beautiful places are definitely tropical islands. Beautiful beaches, hot sand, luxury resorts, deck chairs on the beach…There is nothing more beautiful in the world than some tropical island. If you are an adventurer, you probably prefer luxury ski resorts around the world. Beautiful mountain ranges, fresh air and good trails for skiing is the best places for sports fans. The islands are a favorite destination for tourists because they have everything you want. There is everything you want, swimming, diving, sipping cocktails on the beach…Luxury hotels offer a variety of benefits such as spa center, massage, sauna, swimming pools. In the most famous destinations for entertainment in addition, there are beautiful nature and a variety of interesting activities. Parachute jumping or boat ride to the nearby beaches are daily offers. The most beautiful places in nature are those that are not urbanized. Due to tourism and globalization the natural oasis is changing, but some still remain intact.

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