What are the Best Majors That Make the Most Money?


What are the Best Majors That Make the Most Money? Everyone has the dream of the getting education and earning big. They want to earn bucket loads of money. Fair enough. Take a look at these majors which could earn you the money you have always dreamt of having! Do make sure that you choose your major carefully as it should not only be about earning money about also about you doing something that you love. Working at something that you like would encourage you to perform better at work while earning just for the sake of earning would not let you reach the peak of your career.

It is not an easy job to finish your degree, graduate, and maybe do an internship while studying and then move to a full-time work. This is quite a tough cycle which is why one should pay more attention while selecting their major and choose one which would make them a lot of money. Also, most students take loans in order to finish their college education which means they need a good paying job to pay off the loan and start a good life.
We took information from Student Tutor and CNN Money. The list is ranked according to the average pay scale of each major once they join the industry. We have taken the average salary for each major as within each major there are a variety of jobs that one could do. Take a look and get packing for your college.

Petroleum engineering, mining and mineral engineering, and computer engineering are some of the majors that you will find on this list along with their average salary scale. The average salary for someone who has finished their major in computer engineering is $87,000. They study computers, mathematics, and physics. The average salary for mining and mineral engineering graduates is $97,000. The learn how to extract minerals and refine them. They are responsible for analyzing equipment, safety, communication system, and more. One can earn about $136,000 with a petroleum engineering major. They use science and mathematics to design and operate the systems for processing, locating, and extracting the crude oil and the natural gas. It requires a lot of knowledge to make sure nothing goes wrong. You can check out the Best Majors That Make the Most Money.


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