What Are the Best MOOCs?


MOOCs are best platforms for people too busy to spend their times on college but want the full experience and the valid certificate at the end. As you may see, MOOCs bring with themselves benefits of the whole professional experience and programs, but you have to be careful when you apply to some of them, as there are also many frauds out there just seeking for a way to take your money, without you getting any valid document that you would be able to bring along with your CV. In case you were wondering what the best MOOCs are, you are at the right place.
To be honest, the task wasn’t that easy, since all the MOOCs have their perks and cons, but according to Insider Monkey, the best parameters that could be combined to find the perfect ranking system are: the number of everyday users, the number of courses, positive feedbacks, valid certificates, and last, but not least, materials and instructions provided by the course teachers.
Of course, this list had to contain Coursera, and there are numerous reasons for that. For starters, they are cooperating with over 148 partners worldwide, which allows them to help them enter any area you want with the guarantee of valid certification accepted in almost every company in the world. There are over 160 subjects provided for every student for a very low price in compare to the other universities. For the real full degree program, you will be charged less than $25,000 and you will get the real 3-years college experience. Or you can choose some of the ones to two months courses for $29-$99.
Also, you can check out Udacity, which is highly concentrated on technology and web development. It offers 3 studies levels and the courses last up to 12 months each. Besides the regular tuition, you can apply for free courses or get the chance of 50% refund if you manage to finish your course in less than a year. So check out best websites like Coursera, Udacity and other MOOCs for more information.