What are the Best Nature Documentaries on Hulu?


What are the Best Nature Documentaries on Hulu? If you are not finding anything of interest to watch on Hulu, check out this list of the Best Nature Documentaries on Hulu. Nature documentaries are interesting. They are also entertaining, to say nothing about how cute the animals are! BBC is now coming out with amazing documentaries about the wildlife and nature. A successful new documentary from them was from a series named Planet Earth. The series took about 5 years to shoot which resulted in only 11 hours of the documentary. They came with a follow-up named Planet Earth II. Then they wanted to conduct a research on how people react by watching such documentaries.
This research was conducted in many countries. The people were given one of the five video snippets: One with news, one with drama, a control video, and two snippets from the Planet Earth II. It appeared that nature documentaries helped people to feel better and they reduced negativity and stress. This tells us that the emotions of the people are linked with the content they watch. It helped the BBC know that they were doing something productive.

Hulu was a joint venture of Comcast Corporation, Walt Disney Co, and Twenty-First Century Fox Inc and was established in 2006. Time Warner Inc owns a 10% stake. They have paid and free options as well. Something To Stream offers the content that can be streamed on Hulu. We used information from here to come up with a list of some good nature documentaries. We then checked the IMDb ratings of all the selected documentaries and ranked them accordingly.

Medicine of the Wolf, Before the Flood, and Happy People: A Year in the Taiga are some of the Best Nature Documentaries on Hulu. Medicine of the Wolf has an IMDb rating of 9.3. It features the gray wolves who were on the endangered list. They were removed from the list recently and hunters are gearing up to start hunting them again. Before the Flood has an IMDb rating of 8.5. This portrays the climatic change all over the world and its terrible effect. It tells us that it could be the most dangerous problem and we have only ourselves to blame. Happy People: A Year in the Taiga has about 7.8 rating on IMDb. This documentary speaks about the life of people in Bakhta village in Siberian Taiga. Their lifestyle has stated pretty much the same over so many centuries. Take a look at the other documentaries.


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